I have lost the whole of January 2015!


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I started off thinking January would be my month and only a day in came down with Flu. That was a yuck way to spend a healthy January. I gave in and succumbed to taking Flu medicine, which has brought on an attack of acne, Grrrr.  I have been also working very hard without much to show, January must be the slowest month in media sales ever and has not been a a good conversation month either! All in all in have decided to start my year from February, I have given my life an overhaul , deciding that as I am important doing everything kind of mum in the household , so I decided 2015 is my year of looking after myself and also my mental well being. This blog started out as a blog about food and all things to do with it, and I have felt that I cannot be honest about the food that I have eaten. NO MORE, if I don’t like the food I have eaten I WILL write my honest opinion, otherwise what exactly am I doing? I have found myself eating at various places since my last blogging and not writing about it because I didn’t want to offend when I wrote my honest opinion. So I promise in 2015 to be true to myself and write the truth of my taste-buds!

I will also be blogging about anything else that happens to come my way that I found interesting in the BH postcodes.

I am also going to be blogging about my new career path Network Marketing at NuSkin I will be adding a new site for this and would love it if you could join me from the start of what hopefully will become a profitable and exciting adventure. I was recommended the NuSkin products as I was due to start a course of Roaccutane ( for my acne) , which is such a powerful drug it dries up every office in your body! I had put off taking it for a year and was finally getting so down with my boil like spots that I relented and had the D day marked in the calender when somebody mentioned the NuSkin products & gifted me a few products to trial. Needless to say I have not looked back and never attended the appointment to take the Roaccutane. Taking the products has led me to network marketing, watch this space and read my blog to follow me on my journey.


Giggi Gelateria homemade Italian ice cream


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Giggi's larger space Giggi 5 Giggi 3 Giggi 4 Giggi 2 Giggi 6 Giggi 7 Giggi 8

After an hour Christmas shopping I didn’t have to persuade my husband and son too hard to opt for an ice cream and a coffee! I had been dying to try Giggi Gelateria out since they have enlarged the premises. It is still in the same unit as before however they have now spread out over 3 units in the Burlington Arcade and wow what a difference. It has gone from being a claustrophobic space into a fantastic large open space that it relaxing and comforting.

I opted for the Creme Carmel, my husband choose this also, and our son chose the mint choc chip. I did have a little taster of the Christmas Pudding ice cream too, and kinda wished that I had chosen it, but hey ho, I now have a brill excuse to visit next weekend! The ice cream was very good indeed,  I would have liked to have some caramel swirled through, this is just me being picky though!  We chose to have the small cup version, you can have a small, medium or large and you can also choose to have 2 choices of ice cream, which I will definitely do next time I visit, just because I am a greedy pig and can’t bear to think I have missed out on anything! We also had two lattes which were served the Italian way in tall glasses. The lattes were very good and just as lattes should be! Tall and creamy.

There are also a selection of Italian cakes, sweets and freshly made sandwiches, which means that there is something for everyone here.

You can purchase ice cream to take home with you, and you can even hire them along with their ice cream bike for your event.  This is somewhere we will be coming more regularly now they have done away with the small space and made it more like a real traditional Italian Gelateria. Check them out on Trip Advisor, they have won some really good awards for their service and products. They are also very scrupulous about cleaning, are owned independently and make all the ice cream themselves.

Our bill for 3 small cups of Ice cream and 2 small lattes came to £10

Giggi Gelateria – Bournemouth
10 Burlington Arcade



A little bit of America at Hengistbury Head


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Look what I found at the newly opened Visitor Centre at Hengistbury Head, Christchurch…. An American airstream trailer serving fresh homemade food and drinks. Bridie the owner of Curly (the airstream is named curly after some American Rock star, who owned him before Bridie) has said that they will be here until after Xmas, and curly is available to hire for events and festivals all around the country.

For this event they serve Christmas tree shaped waffles, Christmas tartlets, bacon rolls, pulled pork rolls with homemade spiced apple sauce, soup, homemade mulled wine and spiced cider, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

I had a cup of pulled pork and spiced apple sauce (because I am low carbing for a while) and a cup full of pea and ham soup and they were both fantastic. As I was stood waiting for my order there was a steady stream of folk coming to warm themselves with a spiced cider, which they said was very good. I heard also that the word was spreading about the quality and tasty affordable food on offer. With people telling their friends that Curly was about.

I have already made plans to go for a lovely walk next weekend and call in to see Curly on the way home.

If you park in the car park it only costs 60p for 2 hours or £1.80 for 24 hours, which should give you plenty of time to walk up an appetite and then eat your way through champagne Bay’s menu.

You can find Champagne Bay here


Blog @

American Airstream Hengistbury Head

American Airstream Hengistbury Head

Curly 2 Curly 3

O’Hagan’s Sausages


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Rita & Tony cooking their sausages

Rita & Tony cooking their sausages

photo 15

I finally caught up with Rita & Tony the owners of O’Hagan’s Sausages at Wimborne Food and Drink festival on the 25th of October. I had heard nothing but raves from other people about the quality of the sausages they serve, I am very fussy with my bangers so as they had been recommened to me I decided to go for it.

I found them, actually I smelled them as they cook the sausages over charcoal so they were not very hard to find!

I chose their signature sausage, which is the Sixpenny IPA Sausage, made with prime cuts of pork shoulder, and flavoured with award winning IPA ale from the Sixpenny Brewery in North Dorset. All of their sausages are homemade & contain no preservatives, additives or colouring – in fact, No artificial anything!!

Can’t believe I have managed to go without these bloody amazing sausages in my life! The best thing ever was tasting Rita’s homemade sauces, just writing about it now is making me want more… Rita can I have some more of your homemade chutney and curry ketchup please? Most of the sauces are homemade along with freshly made salsa, red onion marmalade & spicy pickles. Anyone can cook a sausage but to do it with such style and to make the effort of making the sauces it takes time, effort and passion which this husband and wife team have heaps of.

They also provide hog roasts and BBQs for events and I think I may hassle Rita to sell her homemade pickles and sauces to as they are too good to wait for. I am also thinking of making up an event just so these guys can come along and serve their amazing sausages to me!

Check out their website for loads more info and where to catch them next




Jurassic Seafood


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Jurassic Seafood

Jurassic Seafood

What a result, found this unique trader at the Wimborne food and drink festival on the 25th of October. I take notice of street food vendors who look kooky and stand out from the crowd which is exactly what this trader did. The serving and food counter is fashioned out of an old boat and it looks really authentic just like it has returned from a nights fishing!

Brett Hibbitt the owner and chef of Jurassic Seafood spotted a gap in the market and decided to make and sell gluten free seafood burgers made from locally sourced, and sustainable line caught fish. Which so fits my ethos!!

Apparently the trick to making the burgers is to use very fresh fish, (which really is what we should all be doing) when it is so fresh the fish sticks together and eliminates the need for any binders such as wheat to stop them falling apart. Another point to consider is the burgers are high in protein and low in cabs as they have just fish and seasoning in.

I tried a Thai style burger which was served on a biodegradable platter with a selection of sauces. It was simple but very very tasty, whilst I ate my burger I found out the story of how and where Brett sources his fish from, how he cooks it and how he enjoys being a trader for the customers who need an alternative to products with gluten in. Customers can even purchase frozen freshly made burgers to take home.

I have a feeling that I may travel quite a way to sample Brett’s fishburgers again.

Check out his website or follow him on Twitter to see where you can catch him at his next event



Deliver Me Dessert


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Deliver me desert

Now the whole concept of Deliver Me Dessert is amazing, can’t believe it hasn’t been done in Bournemouth before. It is really very simple….. You fancy a sweet treat, contact them and they deliver, they also have soft drinks and savoury snacks. They can also provide whole cakes if needed for special occasions. They are open Thursday – Sunday (evenings only) and the best way to find out what the specials and opening times are, is to like them on Facebook or Twitter.

Lorraine the brains behind Deliver Me Dessert decided that she had had enough of working the 9-5 day job and took a leap into the unknown.

She either sources her products from local people who make their own desserts, brownies or makes the products herself. When she is open she posts the nights offerings on Facebook and there is always something to suit everybody from Dr Pepper cake to White chocolate Oreo bombs.

I decided on the bubblegum cake, placed my order and it was delivered with-in the hour. It was very good and extremely blue (Smurf blue to be exact, which took me right back to my childhood) It was quiet obviously homemade, rustic looking and even the sponge which was very moist tasted of bubblegum. The portion size was generous and the bubblegum sweets on the topping were yum. The only thing that I would have changed would be how the cake was packaged it came in a nice brown paper bag however inside was a orange polystyrene container and although it didn’t affect the taste I really do think that it would have been better to present it in a sustainable cardboard pack instead. But I do realise that to do this the prices would have to rise to reflect the added cost of being kind to the environment. The next day I didn’t have a migraine as I normally would if I had bought a shop bought cake, so that was an extra bonus.

I will definitely be using Deliver Me Dessert for all my sweet treats in the future, so will my friends who are very good and look after their bodies like they are temples most of the time!. These friends will have a naughty treat once a month or when they have hit their target weight and just want to celebrate with a sweet treat.

Unfortunately in my excitement and sheer bliss of receiving the cake I forgot to take a picture! Never mind you will just have to take a look for yourselves. Be warned you will be unable to resist!




The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company


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The Brains Behind The ToastiesThe Story Behind Those Epic ToastiesThe Story Never EndsThe Orient Express My Choice!

I was literally jumping for joy when I heard that these guys were going to be bringing their cheese toasties to Bournemouth Town. I love finding out all about the people and how they came to be doing it and all the bits in-between and these guys have a fab story behind them.

I caught up with them at a street food event held at Horseshoe Common on the 27th of September The team consists of Andy & Emma who are from Lymington and they both have day jobs they tell me as a means to and end until they can make the cheese toasties full time, and something tells me that this will be very soon.

Let me tell you the toasties that they make are not just any old cheese and bread flung together as an afterthought, each toastie on the menu has been researched thoroughly by friends, family and themselves. The artisan sour dough bread is sourced from a local traditional baker and is paired with award winning British cheeses such as Lyburn cheese or Lubborn Somerset Brie all served with a pickle on the side.

All toasties are made to order, giving you time to chat with Andy & Emma whilst your toastie does it’s thing and gets all crunchy, sticky, gooey and caramelised, helped on its way by a very heavy black iron which ensures your cheese melts into liquid gold. I opted for the “The Orient Express” with Loosehanger cheese with Cumin spiced cauliflower, spinach, onion and chilli tomato chutney priced at £4.50. It was toasted to perfection and oozed cheese appeal with the cauliflower giving a crunchy bite. I would have liked it to be a whole lot more spicy however bear in mind that what most people find unbearable heat I find mild, so I normally take my own supply of hot sauce as in my mind cheese and chilli are a match made in heaven! Not having my secret stash of hot sauce enabled me to sample the delicate spices in the toastie.

I can safely say that I can’t wait to seek these guys out again to work my way through the toastie menu and hear about the stories behind the toastie I have opted to eat.

Thank you Andy and Emma for making the humble cheese toastie street food fodder, and it’s safe to say the cheese toasties they make are not so humble, and more like proud!

In the meantime you can find out where to catch The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company by visiting their website http://www.gourmetgrilledcheese.co.uk/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ukgrilledcheese?fref=photo

Twitter https://twitter.com/UKGrilledCheese