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I was literally jumping for joy when I heard that these guys were going to be bringing their cheese toasties to Bournemouth Town. I love finding out all about the people and how they came to be doing it and all the bits in-between and these guys have a fab story behind them.

I caught up with them at a street food event held at Horseshoe Common on the 27th of September The team consists of Andy & Emma who are from Lymington and they both have day jobs they tell me as a means to and end until they can make the cheese toasties full time, and something tells me that this will be very soon.

Let me tell you the toasties that they make are not just any old cheese and bread flung together as an afterthought, each toastie on the menu has been researched thoroughly by friends, family and themselves. The artisan sour dough bread is sourced from a local traditional baker and is paired with award winning British cheeses such as Lyburn cheese or Lubborn Somerset Brie all served with a pickle on the side.

All toasties are made to order, giving you time to chat with Andy & Emma whilst your toastie does it’s thing and gets all crunchy, sticky, gooey and caramelised, helped on its way by a very heavy black iron which ensures your cheese melts into liquid gold. I opted for the “The Orient Express” with Loosehanger cheese with Cumin spiced cauliflower, spinach, onion and chilli tomato chutney priced at £4.50. It was toasted to perfection and oozed cheese appeal with the cauliflower giving a crunchy bite. I would have liked it to be a whole lot more spicy however bear in mind that what most people find unbearable heat I find mild, so I normally take my own supply of hot sauce as in my mind cheese and chilli are a match made in heaven! Not having my secret stash of hot sauce enabled me to sample the delicate spices in the toastie.

I can safely say that I can’t wait to seek these guys out again to work my way through the toastie menu and hear about the stories behind the toastie I have opted to eat.

Thank you Andy and Emma for making the humble cheese toastie street food fodder, and it’s safe to say the cheese toasties they make are not so humble, and more like proud!

In the meantime you can find out where to catch The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Company by visiting their website http://www.gourmetgrilledcheese.co.uk/

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Twitter https://twitter.com/UKGrilledCheese