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Deliver me desert

Now the whole concept of Deliver Me Dessert is amazing, can’t believe it hasn’t been done in Bournemouth before. It is really very simple….. You fancy a sweet treat, contact them and they deliver, they also have soft drinks and savoury snacks. They can also provide whole cakes if needed for special occasions. They are open Thursday – Sunday (evenings only) and the best way to find out what the specials and opening times are, is to like them on Facebook or Twitter.

Lorraine the brains behind Deliver Me Dessert decided that she had had enough of working the 9-5 day job and took a leap into the unknown.

She either sources her products from local people who make their own desserts, brownies or makes the products herself. When she is open she posts the nights offerings on Facebook and there is always something to suit everybody from Dr Pepper cake to White chocolate Oreo bombs.

I decided on the bubblegum cake, placed my order and it was delivered with-in the hour. It was very good and extremely blue (Smurf blue to be exact, which took me right back to my childhood) It was quiet obviously homemade, rustic looking and even the sponge which was very moist tasted of bubblegum. The portion size was generous and the bubblegum sweets on the topping were yum. The only thing that I would have changed would be how the cake was packaged it came in a nice brown paper bag however inside was a orange polystyrene container and although it didn’t affect the taste I really do think that it would have been better to present it in a sustainable cardboard pack instead. But I do realise that to do this the prices would have to rise to reflect the added cost of being kind to the environment. The next day I didn’t have a migraine as I normally would if I had bought a shop bought cake, so that was an extra bonus.

I will definitely be using Deliver Me Dessert for all my sweet treats in the future, so will my friends who are very good and look after their bodies like they are temples most of the time!. These friends will have a naughty treat once a month or when they have hit their target weight and just want to celebrate with a sweet treat.

Unfortunately in my excitement and sheer bliss of receiving the cake I forgot to take a picture! Never mind you will just have to take a look for yourselves. Be warned you will be unable to resist!