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Rita & Tony cooking their sausages

Rita & Tony cooking their sausages

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I finally caught up with Rita & Tony the owners of O’Hagan’s Sausages at Wimborne Food and Drink festival on the 25th of October. I had heard nothing but raves from other people about the quality of the sausages they serve, I am very fussy with my bangers so as they had been recommened to me I decided to go for it.

I found them, actually I smelled them as they cook the sausages over charcoal so they were not very hard to find!

I chose their signature sausage, which is the Sixpenny IPA Sausage, made with prime cuts of pork shoulder, and flavoured with award winning IPA ale from the Sixpenny Brewery in North Dorset. All of their sausages are homemade & contain no preservatives, additives or colouring – in fact, No artificial anything!!

Can’t believe I have managed to go without these bloody amazing sausages in my life! The best thing ever was tasting Rita’s homemade sauces, just writing about it now is making me want more… Rita can I have some more of your homemade chutney and curry ketchup please? Most of the sauces are homemade along with freshly made salsa, red onion marmalade & spicy pickles. Anyone can cook a sausage but to do it with such style and to make the effort of making the sauces it takes time, effort and passion which this husband and wife team have heaps of.

They also provide hog roasts and BBQs for events and I think I may hassle Rita to sell her homemade pickles and sauces to as they are too good to wait for. I am also thinking of making up an event just so these guys can come along and serve their amazing sausages to me!

Check out their website for loads more info and where to catch them next