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I started off thinking January would be my month and only a day in came down with Flu. That was a yuck way to spend a healthy January. I gave in and succumbed to taking Flu medicine, which has brought on an attack of acne, Grrrr.  I have been also working very hard without much to show, January must be the slowest month in media sales ever and has not been a a good conversation month either! All in all in have decided to start my year from February, I have given my life an overhaul , deciding that as I am important doing everything kind of mum in the household , so I decided 2015 is my year of looking after myself and also my mental well being. This blog started out as a blog about food and all things to do with it, and I have felt that I cannot be honest about the food that I have eaten. NO MORE, if I don’t like the food I have eaten I WILL write my honest opinion, otherwise what exactly am I doing? I have found myself eating at various places since my last blogging and not writing about it because I didn’t want to offend when I wrote my honest opinion. So I promise in 2015 to be true to myself and write the truth of my taste-buds!

I will also be blogging about anything else that happens to come my way that I found interesting in the BH postcodes.

I am also going to be blogging about my new career path Network Marketing at NuSkin I will be adding a new site for this and would love it if you could join me from the start of what hopefully will become a profitable and exciting adventure. I was recommended the NuSkin products as I was due to start a course of Roaccutane ( for my acne) , which is such a powerful drug it dries up every office in your body! I had put off taking it for a year and was finally getting so down with my boil like spots that I relented and had the D day marked in the calender when somebody mentioned the NuSkin products & gifted me a few products to trial. Needless to say I have not looked back and never attended the appointment to take the Roaccutane. Taking the products has led me to network marketing, watch this space and read my blog to follow me on my journey.